Sunday, December 21, 2014

Well broil my biscuits!

Tonight I turned on my oven and started preparing biscuits. Partway through I realized that the oven wasn't heating. Pretty sure that the heating element is gone (it happened in the oven at our old house), which is both happy (replaceable, not too difficult) and sad (more work for Robert, not positive that we can get the part since the oven is old).

More immediately, how was I to bake biscuits? A quick internet search revealed that most people roundly rejected the idea of using the broiler (ours still turns on just fine) to bake anything. It would burn the top to a cinder and leave the interior raw, cats and dogs would live together and the fabric of the universe would unravel.

But I really wanted to cook biscuits. Mostly because I had no other plan for dinner and really need to go to the grocery store.

So here's what I did. I turned the broiler on high and let it heat up the oven. Then I put the biscuits in on the lowest rack. I set a timer for half their cooking time and closed the oven door with a prayer. When the timer went off I turned the broiler off and left them in there...well, I meant to leave them in there for the rest of the cooking time, but I forgot and left them in there until we were ready to eat, probably twice the amount of cook time they had left.

Results? Yes, you can broil biscuits in a pinch. Mine turned out beautifully golden on top and lily white on the bottom but they were cooked through and delicious!