Thursday, July 21, 2011

The journey home

This morning I had breakfast on the patio outside my bedroom door, about 20 feet from the Caribbean Sea. It was lovely-- sunny, clear, a light breeze. Tonight I am sitting 4 feet from my air conditioner in New York. It's 930pm and 92 degrees out. Since we've been away from home for nearly 3 weeks it was in the 90s in the house when we walked in an hour and a half ago. Thanks to the efforts of our big window a/c unit, it's now 87 in the coolest part of the house. Mmmmm.

After breakfast the car company arrived to take us to the airport in Cancun. My parents decided to come along, and asked the driver if he could drop them in Playa del Carmen so they could do some last minute shopping. Halfway there we decided (at my dad's brilliant suggestion) that he should drop them by the grilled chicken stand on the block where the combi's wait so we could get some chicken to take the airport for lunch. My sweet cousin had already warned us that a pizza at the Cancun airport cost him $32 on his trip home. So, for 100 pesos I got a whole grilled chicken, rice, pickled onions, salsa, 2 dozen fresh corn tortillas and some habeneros, and we were back in the road.

Airport security was a bit slow, but we were there super early, so it was no problem. I did succumb after 19 days without chocolate, and bought 1/2 lb of Milka and 4 Kindereggs at the duty free shop (I love buying Kindereggs whenever possible. So silly that they are banned here!). Then we made a lovely picnic on the floor of the airport eating chicken and rice and tortillas. The kids were covered in chicken grease (and orange juice), despite our best efforts there was rice on the floor, and we had but a single napkin between us. Robert pointedly reminded me that *I* was the one who had dismissively thrown away the half dozen wadded up old napkins I'd found in his work bag prior to the trip. And yes, I did wish we had those napkins then!

Upon arriving home (to the very hot house, see above) we found our garden in desperate need of water, but despite being on death's door the Black Brown Boar tomato plant had two ripe tomatoes! And they were delicious! I just hope we were able to save the plant. Anyway, I fed the kids some peas from the garden and a frozen waffle each (Liel's was literally still frozen-- for some unknown reason she claims to like them that way), and put them to bed. Then I ate spoonfuls of almond butter sprinkled with brown sugar, and some cinnamon bears. And yes, I do feel a bit queasy now.

Tomorrow I shall brave the heat and buy groceries!

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terrysworld said...

hahahahahhahahahahah. its 92 at 4am here. you can come sit at my house anytime. we dont' use airconditioning because apparently (as customers keep pointing out) i am crazy. the heat doesnt bother me though so i disagree. i think im smart to get used to it so we dont have heat strokes... ongoing argument.and just for the record, i would have thrown out the napkins too only to regret it on the floor covered in chicken grease. oh well. im on your side.