Saturday, December 24, 2011

Child psychology

Tonight Liel and I were listening to the Maccabeats sing Matisyahu's "Miracle".

She noticed that one of the lyrics was "look so down, look so puzzled" and told me that she knew that "puzzled" meant "confused" in the context of the song. We thought about other synonyms for confused and then I asked her if she knew what another one of the lyrics meant: "my strength comes not from man at all". She said she didn't, and I said, "I think he means that his strength comes from G-d". I glanced at her to see how she might react to this.

"Mommy", she said thoughtfully, "I don't think there is an opposite of bush".

"What??", I said. I was, um, puzzled. To say the least.

Liel nodded. "Unless it's NOT bush!"

Isn't that what *you* took away from that conversation?

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terrysworld said...

freakin awesome. i love your kids. you guys all rock