Saturday, October 27, 2012

Travel and rain

Sorta like "Fire and Rain"? I hope not!

We are about to embark on what will amount to 6 months of travel.  On Thursday we're headed to Texas, first to attend my cousin's wedding, and then to stay on and visit some of Robert's family. We'll also be celebrating Liel's birthday while we're away, which pleases her. Thanks to our conference schedule we've often been away from home on her birthday, and she's come to think of this as a special treat. At any rate, we'll hopefully be in Texas for 10 days.

"Hopefully" because as you've probably heard, there's this huge-ass storm headed for the east coast of the US. Because it might ruin Halloween for tens of thousands of children (or more), weather forecasters have sweetly dubbed the thing "Frankenstorm", and we're all being advised to stock up on water, food, batteries etc. Round here we lose power in a stiff wind, so it certainly does seem likely that whatever is coming will knock out our power for a little while. Oddly enough the street one block over from us almost never loses power. We'll be sitting in the dark for the second night in a row, and we'll see their lights, shining smugly. We've often wished we had friends on that block, but never met anyone who lived there until a month or so ago when Liel started taking art classes. Two siblings in her class live on that block! What luck! Now we just need to cultivate a friendship with that family...

But, back to Texas. Seems likely that our flight will be delayed, or possibly canceled. Hopefully neither! But if it has to be one delayed (and notified before we get to the airport at the crack of dawn, please!) would be much better. What happens to you when they cancel your flight anyway? They try to get you another one, right? Fortunately the wedding isn't until Saturday, so it seems likely we'll be there in time for the big event at least. *fingerscrossed*

When we get back from Robert's homeland we'll be home for 5 days (during which we'll have friends from NH stop by to visit,  get Robert and the kids the last of their India shots, and have Liel's 7 year checkup), and then we're off to Chicago for a week. When we planned that trip we weren't going to India, and now it's really stressing me out. But I know our family there will be happy to see us, so we're forging ahead. We'll be home from Chicago for 5 days (during which we'll pack like crazy and hopefully have a second Thanksgiving with Kenny and Jenny) and then we'll be off to Bangalore!

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