Thursday, September 12, 2013

House in progress

We've been living in the House Without Warning for nearly 3 weeks now! And we love, love, love it, even though we haven't unpacked everything, and still have piles of crap laying around, as you'll see.

Earlier this week we had an ailing pine tree and many an evergreen bush removed from the front yard, which got us one step closer to our master plan for growing. I also ordered blueberry bushes for the front of the house! Since then my dad and I have spent some time brainstorming how we might be arrange fruit trees and build an enclosed garden (deer, deer, everywhere!) without, um, bringing down the tone of the block. So to speak. I guess chicken wire in the front yard isn't hip these days.

At any rate, here are some pics now that we're 3 weeks in. None of the basement and basically none of the backyard. More eventually, I'm sure! Probably even better ones ;)

Ok, here's the newly bare front of the house. Re-painting the shutters, garage door diamonds, and front door (not shown here, because of the storm door in front) is on my to-do list as well, as soon as I choose a color or two.


More kitchen. Sadly small oven. Someday we might take out the oven and the range, and put an entire stove where the range is, and fill in the oven space with more cabinets. The cabinets are a rather boring color, but they are solid wood! Also, the counter desperately needs replacing (it's partially held on with TAPE), but now we're wondering if we shouldn't wait til we sort out our oven/stove issue first, since that would change the size of counter we need.

Kitchen table, covered in crap. And also flowers a lovely friend brought over.

Dining room, entering from kitchen, looking towards living room. Awesome room divider view 1.

Dining room as seen from living room. Plenty of crap on this table too.

Living room. Awesome room divider view 2.

Hall. That's our room at the end. The doors on the right are bathroom, linen closet, and extra closet (there's a whole 'nother coat closet!).

Zion's room. Obviously.

Our room. The door is to our half bath.

The closet. Because seeing our slightly organized clothes is a treat!

Liel's room. Far messier than usual. I pointed this out and she sighed and said in a put out voice, "I know, mommy. It's just hard! And I'm being kind of lazy."

Sunroom, with deck out the window.

Sunroom with backyard out the window.

Sunroom with more backyard.

And more backyard.

So, there you have it! At least for the moment :)


Kristofer Young said...

House looks great!!!

CoffeeInspired said...

How wonderful! Hmm prob right about the barbed. Wire in front yard, but you are very creative so know solution in the works