Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sheep to Shawl

Yesterday we went to Sleepy Hollow with some friends so we could check out the "Sheep to Shawl" festival. It was...well, it was like Rhinebeck, if Rhinebeck were very small and had very little to see and hardly anyone there. There was one yarn vendor, a demonstration on dying yarn with plants, a sheep shearing exhibition, some spinning wheels (2), carding and a sheep dog show that was actually with ducks and MC'd by a very, VERY chatty dog handler. Holy crap, I thought he'd never stop talking and make with the animal herding.

Then we had yummy Chinese food in Tarrytown. All in all a nice day!

Liel and I watching the wool carding.

Zion and M trying a little carding themselves.

Liel ran around (when she wasn't whining).

And Zion was impressed by the cows :)


Adelaide's Mom said...

Awesome. Love the running action shot of Liel. Did the boxes come?

Alyssa said...

We drove be that and I got really excited but the boyfriend wouldn't stop...