Thursday, July 9, 2009

Farmer's Market and Real Estate

You've all heard me rant about the local farmer's market. Last year we had two whole farmers there. This year? Down to one! Holy crap. We're up to 3 bakeries however. Perhaps they should rename it the Open Air Bake Sale. That'd be more accurate, any way.

However, despite the total suckassity of the farmer's market, we've realized we LIKE living in New York. We like our friends, our town, our social life...and nearly everything else aside from the long winter and the aforementioned market. So we're taking a deep breath and looking at buying a house (well, to be perfectly honest we've already done that. As you'll see). The downturn in the real estate market has def been our friend, though we're wishing it would get a bit more friendly, if you take my meaning. Still not a lot around here that one could conceivably buy on a single professor's income- at least not without doing a lot of work. And since neither of us are overly handy that would = more money for us. Which we don't have. Vicious circle.

We did put one offer in on a house here. The house was great- but it was across the street from the thruway. When we came to our senses with regard to that (and the life-long damaged lungs it would give our children) we withdrew our offer. At least we realized it before we'd bought the damn thing, right? Talk about decisions you'd live to regret.

So now we're just waiting to find out if the housing market LIKE-likes us or not. Cause the farmer's market clearly doesn't...


robert said...

i'm going to have this girl i know bring a note to the housing market with places to check "do not like," "like," and "like like" to ascertain its likelihood of going out with us.

the main stitch upholstery said...

hehehehehehehe............. and i am very proud of you for walking four miles! good luck with the house.