Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Watch that boy

Yesterday Zion had a friend over to play. A girl friend. He was very solicitous of her- when they went outside to play he offered to bring her snack out for her in case she got hungry. When they were swinging on the deck chairs he offered to get her shoes so she wouldn't get splinters. And then he suggested that she could sit on his lap in the chair. She did.

I was cracking up listening to all of this, but I was also amazed by Zion's apparently instinctual ability to turn on the charm. Cause let me tell you, he does not behave that way with his sister, nor with his boy friends. He only trots that stuff out for the girls. And he must do it well, cause not only was E pleased yesterday- the mothers of girls in his preschool class have told us that "all the girls love him", his teachers, if you recall, referred to his "harem", and G's mom reported that G said, "All the girls at Zion's new school will look at him and go [insert sound that is a cross between a swooing Ooooo and the screaming of Beatles fans]!"

I hear a lot of people talking about needing to watch out for their pretty daughters when they become teenagers. Without engaging the cultural double standards that lead to a great deal of that fear I'd just like to say...I think I may have to watch out for my son! He definitely likes the girlies.