Monday, August 6, 2012

Vintage cocktails: Brandy Daisy

This weekend we went to Delaware for the first time. One of my friends from college was getting married on Saturday, so we drove down on Friday, and met up with other college friends from St. Louis and Baltimore. Our friend getting married had a "rehearsal" dinner for the out of towners, which was lovely, and allowed my children to gorge on Shirley Temples and raspberry lemonades. It was actually the weekend writ small, as we spent pretty much all of our time eating, drinking, looking fabulous, and sometimes swimming. It was excellent (except for the drive there, when and 8 car pile up + Google's poor directions added a full hour to what should have been a 3 hour drive).

We did forget a number of things, however. Robert forgot his razor, so was slightly scruffy (which really just made him look more dangerous). We also forgot Zion's hair gel, for putting up his mohawk, and his tie. He hardly ever spikes his mohawk, so the omission of gel is understandable. His tie wasn't with his suit, however, and since we were packing right before we left I forgot to ask Robert if he knew where it was and we just left without it. As it turns out Robert had no idea where it was, but Zion actually knew, and was most unhappy that he didn't have it. He was quite mopey, and hoped fervently that no other little boys at the wedding would be wearing suits and ties, so that he wouldn't be out-dressed. Our assurances that the tie-less look was totally hip fell on deaf ears, but in the end he had to go the wedding in something, and he knew a tie-less suit was the best he had. And he did look fabulous!

But, getting back to my main point from the last paragraph, we forgot our camera. So almost no pictures, except for this one that Sara's guy took. L to R: Sara, me, Mira, Eleanor. We all lived in the same dorm our freshman year. Aren't we cute??

I also have a picture of today's vintage cocktail! It's all about improving by baby steps, right?

Here she is, the Brandy Daisy.

Brandy Daisy:
2 oz brandy
1/2 oz grenadine
juice of one lemon
Shake over ice. If you're hardcore you can strain out the ice, or you can drink it on ice, like me!

Thoughts: This drink is delicious, and very, very girly. Or, put in Robert's words, "This tastes kind of like alcoholic kool-ade." You can decide for yourself if that's a good thing or a bad thing. You can also adjust the proportions somewhat, adding less grenadine or more lemon for a less sweet drink. I'm not a big brandy drinker, but I think it gives this drink a rich, slightly caramel-y flavor.

A keeper!

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