Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Some of my friends in India recently introduced me to the blog 108 Ways to Wear a Sari, and I've been having so much fun looking at all the different drapes and styles! There are traditional and modern wraps from all parts of India and pop culture.

But you know what's even more fun then browsing new drapes and styles? Trying new drapes and styles!

Since I'm a pretty crappy pleater, as you may recall, I decided to start simple, and went with a drape that turns the sari into a skirt...and not just any skirt...a skirt with a bustle! It's like a steampunk sari.

Let me just pause here and say that I began regretting how few saris I own pretty much since the first day we were back in New York. And now I regret it even more! I need more cotton saris! Need them! Send help!

Anyway, back to my bustle-sari-skirt. I did it! And it looks really pretty awesome, I must say. And it's comfortable. My only real gripe is one I have with every drape I've tried, which is that the bulk of the sari (from tucking it in at the waist band mostly) gives me an extra bit of padding on my stomach and makes it protrude in a rather odd way. That look is even more pronounced in these pictures, because I unwisely tied my petticoat in front. I have no idea what I was thinking, and in fact only realized it when I started typing this here complaint. Onwards to the crappy self portraits taken with an iPhone in the bathroom!

From the front, it looks like a pretty simple (but super cute) layered skirt, right? (and see what I mean about the extra padding?)

But then: the side view!

And the awkward "take a picture of your own back in the mirror"! Personally I think the awesome bustle is well worth it. But still. Awkward.

So there you have current sari love. What do you think, can I rock this look at work? 


Debbie R. said...

I think it is adorable! It looks very Victorian with the bustle in the back! Love it!

Joanne Young said...

What a surprise! It looks terrific! I really love it! It is unique and looks great on you.

Kristofer Young said...

Looks great! And I love the steampunk (what's that?) sari!
Dad :)

SunnyCyclist said...

Thank you!
I just got invited to a steampunk-themed wedding. It's tomorrow and I had nothing to wear... except I own several beautiful saris. I'm totally going to rock this!

Jovi said...

@Sunny...awesome! how'd it turn out? i bet you looked amazing!