Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh, August.

This month has been insane. Some of the insanity has been fantastic, some of it...less so.

On the fantastic side: we bought a house! I'm super excited about it. It's on 1/2 acre, it has a lovely sunroom, 3 bedrooms, and some fantastic period details (it's a mid-century modern ranch).

In the mixed bag file we have the fact that the house needed some work. Nothing major, but hardwood floors needed to be refinished, entire house needed paint...those are nearly done, and very nicely too.

In the slightly stressful file are the things that remain undone: the floors in the sunroom need replacing (we've torn out the carpet and pad, and found that the plywood subfloor had cat urine damage. We've removed 1/2 of the damaged plywood, but the other half remains, and of course we haven't put down new plywood yet, nor the floor. Hell, we haven't bought the floor), the counters in the kitchen need replacing (not sure yet how that'll get done, it's well beyond our capability), both bathroom sinks need parts replaced, and we have packed about 1/8th of our possessions and the move day is Friday.

Quite honestly, I have no idea how this is all going to get done. And that's somewhat terrifying.

Additionally, I need to finish converting my syllabuses to the new class timeframe. And our car needs its annual inspection. That's this week too! Furthermore, I've got a bit of knitting work that needs done (contract and gift work, so there's a timeline), and Zion has been having some health problems, which (it appears) are going to require a fair bit of time and brainpower to unravel.

I just...yeah. I don't like to use the blog to complain, so I'll try not to! And with a bit of luck a lot of this will be cleared up in a week or so. Please say a prayer for me/send me good energy/come help me pack!


Kristofer Young said...

Sending good energy!
Love, Dad :)

Jo said...

I wish I could help you pack. Sigh.
loving you, from here.