Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The big day(s), day late

And now Zion is 4! Since I'm so behind in posting this I'll just give the super condensed version of his arrival in the world. Born at home, 11 days after his estimated due date and 25 hours of labor. Healthy, hungry, and wonderful.

We spent Sunday with Kenn and Giselle in Sunset Park. Zion really wanted to open his Ratchet transformer from Grampa and Noona AND ride the train with Ratchet. So he opened his gift.

Then we took the train to the end of the line in Bay Ridge and headed to a park. We didn't stay too long because it was raining (not hard, but still), but fun was had by all.

Upon returning to K&G ranch we cook burger and fries and mixed up this gorgeous salad- Zion's menu choices! (Seriously- tell me that salad isn't one of the pretties you've seen all day!)

After dinner Zion finally got to open his gift from his aunt and uncle: train tracks!

Oh yes, there was the un-pretty cake, too. It was delicious, I must tell you. Totally rock star in the mouth. Both kids enjoyed it.


Rachel Main said...

Love the Zion pics - with a robot!
Thanks for throwing in one with G & K as well. I really like seeing them...I think your cake looked good, too...Don't know what you're talking about with all the "it looked like crap" bit...

Melany said...

Happy birthday, Zion!

NedaAnn said...

Happy birthday Zion!

the main stitch upholstery said...

love all the pictures. your kids are so beautiful. they look like you. liel more than zion. he is daddys boy. looks like the party was a hit. always nice to have a great b-day!

Stacie said...

sounds like you all had a wonderful day. My mouth watered a little when you talked about the cake. YUM>