Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eating your veggies

Both kids have colds. Nothing awful, but Liel's been feeling pretty icky and wanting lots of physical contact. She's woken up several times already tonight crying because she can't find her nose-wiping cloth. Poor baby! I gave her a homeopathic sinus remedy and snuggled her and told her I'd come back if she needed me. "I dooooo!", she wailed. So I stayed until she fell asleep. She's so sweet and sad!

But on to the veggies! Due to my near-complete lack of pots (Emile Henry has not responded to my email, I need to remember to CALL them, sigh!) dinner can be challenging to cook. Tonight I made pita bread and hummus and steamed broccoli. Ooooo. Ahhhhh. Liel actually likes broccoli and was eager to eat hers as soon as it was cool. At least, she was eager to eat about 2/3'ds of it. Then she got bored and started shredding it into a pile next to her plate. "Rrrrrrip!", she said happily, "Rrrrrrip!"

Zion meanwhile downed his hummus and pretended his broccoli did not exist. Robert offered him some vegan ranch dressing to dip it in, assuring him it was very tasty. Zion reluctantly dipped his broccoli in the proffered dressing and put it in his mouth. Then his face lit up. "That is delicious!", he exclaimed. He held up his piece of broccoli for inspection. "I sucked it all off!"


the main stitch upholstery said...

terrible those kids are i say! funny, but terrible!.......... mine all love broccoli, and only jule totally loves dressing. the other two refuse dressing unless it is chinese (no, they will not eat the exact same thing if it is labeled japanese so i have to hide the bottle and tell stories that it is the same.......) jule loves ranch, but loves italian more. ian will eat catalina, but only on veggies or in taco salad that he makes. owen, forget it. he is like me. only plain salad no dressing with crutons. i miss them. they are with their dad this week. give liel lots of hugs and kisses and keep taking care of your beautitful babies. you are a wonderful mother.

Stacie said...


It is amazing how many veggies I can get past my kids with a little ranch. :)

Cookie's Mommy said...

lmao, silly boy!

NedaAnn said...

Trinity loves broccoli and asks me to make it all the time, but prefers raw to cooked. Thankfully she will eat both, with or without ranch.

Your kids crack me up - they are so cute and funny.

Anonymous said...
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