Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Well, we made it safely to Kathy's house! We left NY on Monday night around 7pm and got here on Tuesday morning around 6am (7am NY time). R did all the driving cause he's rockstar like that. I managed to sleep (something I rarely can pull off in the car) cause I am rockstar like that. Or something. The kids slept less than one might have liked (esp Liel) but that's life, right?

In a few minutes we're taking the kids to Uncle Tom's dental practice for their first check up. He's a pediatric dentist AND R's uncle (obviously) so we're pretty pleased we get to have him do the first cleaning. Later today Bea, Dana, Ryan, and Colleen will turn up here at Kathy's and spend the night. Tomorrow they will drive up to the reunion with Kathy and we'll go up to Madison to see R's Noona. We'll get to the reunion on Friday.

Yesterday Sleazy drove out from the city and hung out with us all day which was rad. And while I'd love to type more to you now, I have to get dressed and get out of here!

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