Thursday, August 14, 2008

Reunion, outdoors

Ok, so my own family is tiny. I have 3 first cousins. Robert's family, however, is pretty big (we have friends with bigger, but not many). The reunion we were at was for his mom's family- Kathy is the oldest of 6 kids. 5 of the kids, plus their mom, spouses and (adult) children and grandchildren were at the reunion this year, for a total of nearly 40 people. We all went to Uncle Tom (#5, and props to Eryn for the helpful numbering system!) and Aunt Mary's lake house.

We rented pontoon boats, kayaked, canoed, and fished.

Zion even got to ride a jet ski with Uncle Vinny,

and drive the motorboat with Cousin Sean.


Rachel said...

I wish we did stuff like this at our reunions.Its usually just a bunch of potato salad and beer.

robert said...

yeah. we should get all the donohues together and write a book about how to have kickass family get-togethers. maybe it'd save all those poor unfortunate souls who actually dread such events from a lifetime of misery.