Thursday, August 28, 2008

Little ears

I know, I haven't been posting much lately (and when I have, it's been about cake!). Robert and I are back at school now, and with the prep for that and then actually doing it things have been crazy around here. It always takes us anywhere from a few weeks to a month to adjust to the extra work load, but hopefully I'll be back up to speed soon :)

But really, who wants to hear about how tired I am? Wouldn't you like to hear about cake, instead?

Apparently Liel has noticed my interest in cake. Tonight as we were snuggling before bed she told me that she gave Fluffy a little, little piece of ice cake for a treat after dinner (Fluffy is an ice bat, which Liel understands to mean that he likes to eat ice best of all). Warming to her subject she went on to explain that it was, "A lemon-ice-salt cake- with worms in it". Pause. "And vinegar on top!"



the main stitch upholstery said...

she must be related to my sister. that sounds very rachelish. i love short people. i also love that she is interested in cake because mommy is. owen wants an old volkwagon beetle that is aquamarine because that was my first car. he points to every one (bugs, beetles and bajas) and says that is what he is getting.

Melany said...

Cake for the ice bat... Smart girl. :) Neva would agree.

Rachel said...

I think it is quite nice that Liel knows what people and bats like. She didn't give fluffy the same kind of cake she would want to eat, but one especially for the ice bat. Very cool. The bait has to please the fish, not the fisherman...

I want an ice bat...and a little girl!