Saturday, November 1, 2008


We had a fun Halloween! Very low key. After nap/quiet time we carved pumpkins.

Then we went to Vivienne, Craig and Valentina's house so the kids could trick or treat together. Their neighborhood is more fun than ours in that respect- there were many houses with lots of decorations and a very Halloween-ish vibe. The kids were uber-cute and had lots of fun!

This morning I presided over the "mandatory allergy trade" wherein Liel gives Zion all her candy with peanuts and he gives her all his candy with eggs and any disparity therein is rectified. Now they've been at me all morning to let them eat candy. And I really do mean ALL morning...Liel ran into my room at 7am with her pumpkin bucket.


Jo said...

Thanks for the photos. I love 'em.
Where is Zion's ghost outfit?
Did you make Liel's bat costume? It is awesome.
Lol on those photos on
The pattern on your gloves is amazing!

the main stitch upholstery said...

we do the same thing with the candy, except owen gives his to mike and i get him sugar free to make up for it and jule gets rid of his altogether because owen can't have his so jule winds up sharing with ian. they like to get dressed up and go down the main streeet here in town. they have all of the business owners out giving out candy to the kids at night and many set up haunted mazes and games. fun for the kiddos.

Stacie said...