Friday, November 28, 2008


I've kind of fallen down on the whole blogging thing lately...tonight, Becka sweetly pointed out that she was over the "Jump to Conclusions Mat" post, and probably everyone else was, too. So I got off my tired, lazy bum and made this post. Just for you. All of you.

Kenn and Giselle came up yesterday. They discovered a new way of getting to our house, and I must say I like it. I like it so well I'm considering asking my parents to get here the same way when they are out in December. Stay tuned for that. Anyway, we cooked the usual Thanksgiving foods, ate them with great delight, and then went to Craig, Vivienne and Valentina's house for dessert and drinks. Other friends were there too: Abby and Asi with Gari and Eli, and Naomi and Dave with Agatha. The kids played and played and the grown ups ate and drank (Zion ate, too- 3 pieces of pie! Child sized pieces, but still. The boy is just not a big sweets eater, and 98% of the time doesn't even finish dessert). It was all very wonderful.

Here are some pictures for your enjoyment. First up: Uncle Kenny dancing the turkey! This is a Thanksgiving tradition in our family. Before the turkey is put into the oven it dances, and sings a little song about how much it looks forward to being roasted and eaten. I think it started because my mom sometimes used to dance whole chickens before roasting them, and as adults Kenny and I were delighted to discover that we both do that, too. Zion has always loved watching the chicken dance and we just naturally fell into it with the turkey. Now it is one of the most anticipated traditions of the holiday (really).

Zion, enjoying the leg of the turkey. Someday he and Kenny might have to fight over these.

And Liel, with a mouthful of food, not wanting to smile.


the main stitch upholstery said...

thank you for the new blog. it is truly wonderful and has all of the qualitites of greatness. i LOVE the dancing turkey and owen is very impressed with zion and his turkey leg as that was his best find this year. he wants to play with both of the kids.

Stacie said...

turkey dance, that is fabulous.

love the pictures!

Jo said...

Reading your comments and seeing the photo of Kenny dancing the turkey, I had some small tears of joy. I love traditions!