Saturday, December 13, 2008

In case you were wondering

I'm relatively certain that there is at least one person out there wondering what I might like this season of gimme (and possibly as many as 4 people...directly under me). For all of you(s), I present my current wishlist of awesome.

1. Princess Unicorn! I think it might be the only way to get "My horn can pierce the sky!" out of my head. Plus it's princesses. And unicorns. FTW!

2. Spinning fiber, for Cupcake (that's the name I'm test driving for my spinning wheel). Right now I'm digging on the color combos at Laughingratstudio on Etsy- especially Iris, Flowerbox, Orchid, and Pacific. Or other spinning fibers in similar colors? Just no cotton, please. Or pure bamboo. Oh, I really like the pencil roving at Crown Mountain Farms, too!

3. How about a niddy noddy?

4. Needles for lace. Sizes 6 and 4, please.

5. Fake colored hair. I like pink, and blue,and aqua. Been wanting these for ages.

My horn can pierce the sky!!

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