Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Zion is currently behind the couch pretending that he is a mole and that space is his mole-hole. As he often does when playing this game, he asked me if I were hungry.

"No, thank you", I replied. Past experience has taught me that he doesn't always like me to say yes to this question.

Not today, however. "No mommy", he says, "this is just pretend".

"Ok. Yes, I am hungry!"

"Would you like apple, or grape, or raspberry, or lemon?", he asks.

"Um...lemon.", I say. I wasn't really paying much attention, to be honest. Then the word "raspberry" pops up in my mind and I say, "No, raspberry. Please".

"Not raspberry", says the mole.

"Fine. What do you think I should have?"

"No, no mama. You should choose what you want".

"OK, lemon." I try again.

"No mommy, I think you should have apple. It's smaller". A little hand popped out from behind the couch, proffering a red Mr. Potato-head nose for me to nibble.

Yes, it's all about choosing what I want, you see ;) (and you'll notice that apple wasn't even on the original list. How can I be expected to choose correctly if I'm not even offered all the choices??)