Saturday, January 3, 2009

A 2 cup day

Pretty much every morning I have a cup of tea. I can't have it right when I wake up (meds) and I can function without it, but I like having it. I'd have more, but I fear caffeine addiction. When the post-apocalyptic future comes those withdrawls would hurt!

Some days, though, I just need more caffeine. Today is one of those days (and for no good reason, I might add. Slept a usual amount, nothing too tiring or stressful going on...), and my second cup of tea is brewing on the counter right now. I always hesitate a bit before I make a second cup. Am I going down a path I'd best avoid?

As I was standing in the kitchen having these thoughts a few minutes ago I suddenly realized how totally lame they are. I mean, seriously, give me a fucking break. Or stop my descent into lameness. Both would actually be best, don't you think? Here I am, 32 years old and fretting about whether or not two cups of tea in a day is too much caffeine. Man, my substance/health questions used to be so much cooler. Edgier. Next thing you know I'll be afeared of spicy food, or "allergic" to vegetables.

I think the first step is to drink more wine. Robert will be pleased (if I actually manage it, that is. Did I mention that I tend to get sleepy after a glass of wine? Unless I keep up a good pace of drinking, I'll be passed out on the couch in no time)!

Jebus, man. 2 cups of tea?? I reckon I could get my ass kicked for worrying about something like that.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i voulenteer to be the one to kick you ass. seriously jovi, find something much more useful to be worried about like how many cups of vegetables you eat. if it makes you feel better, i drink lots of 44 cups full of ice and diet pepsi a day. i tried water, ice tea, crystal light, just can't seem to get past the diet pepsi and, by the way, i am not dead. and last time i checked, tea is good for you. i understand the caffine thing, but come on, you are not drinking 44 oz cups of the stuff..........

BirdEtt said...

i drink too much coffee. you're ahead of me, which shouldn't make you feel better but i'll give you that bit nonetheless.
i guess i'll try tea now. but probably 4 cups of tea. from 4 cups of coffee to 4 cups of tea... much better... and lame:)... but yes, better.
we all have our arenas of lameness. at least yours is only in the realm of beverages and their effects.

Rachel said...

you probably are allergic to vegetables.