Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The street that runs parallel to ours is called Sickle Avenue. There are some really pretty houses on it (prettier than our street), but every time I try to even imagine living in one of them (since around here imagining is all I can do!) I run up against the name of the street. Sickle? Like, sick? Sickle cell anemia? Not pleasant images, even if the tool with the same name isn't half bad. And I hear that houses on streets with less appealing names tend to sit on the market longer, and sell for less money than their counterparts with more poetic monikers.

Anyway...this article from the New York times combines my love of juvenile humor and odd place names. Enjoy!


Stacie said...


I couldn't figure out the 4 Corfe Close...maybe I have to say it out loud, but I am an work and am afraid to.

*giggle snort*

BirdEtt said...

Ha Ha.
I'm Robin from Craphole.
Well, Phoenix is on the right track then... Aaron and I had a thing last year for the city's pleasant street names. Our personal favorite is "Linger Lane." How charming. And in Phoenix of all places. ?

Andrea said...

Ha-ha.. That is funny! Whenever I look at real estate (not that I can afford to move any time soon) I always look at street names, and prefer nice sounding ones. LOL!