Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planning ahead

One of Zion's best friends is a girl at his preschool, G. He and G play really well together and G has recently told both her mom and Zion that she plans to marry Zion. Robert and I are all for this (when the kids are in their 20s of course!), cause we adore G and her family.

This morning when Zion was getting ready for school I had to send him back to put a sweater on because it's 15 degrees out and even the 2 block walk is chilly then you know? He came out with the pirate sweater I knit for him last year, complaining that it was too small and didn't belong in his drawer. He asked Liel if she wanted it, and she complained that she didn't like orange (the kids got up at 6am today, can you tell? I can!). I told her it was fine, she didn't have to take the sweater; we could send it to someone else. Then, as I stared at the sweater (the first one I knit for Zion!) I got a little nostalgic and said, "Actually Zion, maybe we'll keep this one and your kids can have it some day".

Zion looked at the sweater appraisingly. "Yes", he said, "G and I might want this for our children".

I looked at Robert, who was behind Zion and totally cracking up. Mistake! Then I found it harder not to smile. "OK, good", I said.

Zion took the sweater over to Robert. "Mommy thinks we should keep this so G and I can give it to our children", he explained, "and I think that sounds about right."

G-d willing!!


the main stitch upholstery said...

very nice. jule has been "going out" with the same girl since preschool. her name is emma and it has been 4 years now. they are funny.

Rachel Main said...

he's such a little old soul. I don't even plan ahead for kids I might have in a couple of years.
By the way, it's time for you to have a niece or nephew, don't you think? Becka keeps begging me for some....

BirdEtt said...

this is too funny! well, he'll be a catch if he's already so faithful. and yes rachel, it's your turn.

robert said...

we already have a niece and nephew, so technically, it's just about time for some more!