Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Another rainy Tuesday

On Tuesdays this spring the kids go to the homeschool session at Jewish Farm School. JFS is completely awesome and the homeschool sessions are fantastic! Which is a good thing because it has rained during every. single. session. this spring.

Yesterday there was very little rain, and the kids spent most of their time outdoors learning about the animals JFS raises: chickens, bees, and goats. Yesterday was also Rosh Chodesh Sivan (the first day of the month of Sivan), so they had a Rosh Chodesh parade, located the missing Sivan moon stone and placed it in the correct spot in the calendar garden. They also got to plant sunflowers. I'm going to ask them to each type about what they did in their own words, but in the meantime here are some pictures.

Liel in her parade costume, feeling pleased by the hole she's dug for her sunflower seedling (they planted the seeds that turned into the seedlings weeks ago).

Zion, digging a hole and wearing a fine feathery, um, thing.

Zion gently putting dirt around his baby sunflower.

The Sivan stone and month marker in the calendar garden.

Liel with the stones :)

In other news, I really want to try lacto-fermenting pickles. I'm looking around for the best type of jar for this, so if you have a suggestion (or better yet a large glass jar with a lid you aren't using), let me know!

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