Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Robert and I were just standing in the kitchen chatting about his aikido class tonight. He said that he and our friend Abi, who we know from the fabulous parent-run cooperative nursery school our kids all attended, had been talking about the school, and homeschooling, and kids before class. Robert told Abi that one of the things he loved most about NSN was that we'd met a lot of cool people that he really liked, and that this was a rarity since he doesn't like most people.

"And Abi was all surprised!", he reported, "and said, 'Really? You don't like most people? But you seem so outgoing and gregarious!'"

I snorted with laughter, then immediately felt a bit badly about doing so, and said, "Um, sorry honey". But I kept giggling. Robert has many outstanding qualities, but this was the first time I'd ever heard those two adjectives applied to him!

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