Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visas, part 2

Well, Robert's visa arrived safe and sound on Friday, so today I filled out forms, got scans, printed things and mailed off paperwork and passports for visas for me and the kids. Keep your fingers crossed! It's a slightly nerve-wracking process, especially because they remind you repeatedly that any mistakes will invalidate the entire application. So, you know, no pressure! Of course I understand that they need to do this to encourage people to be careful and check their work, but it still makes me nervous.

At any rate, I got all the paperwork done and we walked to the bank (to get cash) and the post office (because you have pay for your visas with money orders, which it turns out can only be purchased with cash. Who knew?) and finally deposited the lot in the FedEx drop box. Breath holding will now commence.

Once we get our visas, the good folks at Fulbright India will buy our plane tickets!

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