Monday, September 17, 2012

Visas, part one

After several days of preparation (needed for gathering documents, writing up requested materials, and getting pictures taken and printed) Robert submitted his visa application on Friday. Now we're holding our breath and hoping it gets here soon! The kids and I can't apply for our visas until Robert has his you see, so this is only step one in getting us all legal.

The most confusing bit on his visa application was that item 3 indicated that he needed 9 copies of a passport photo for the application, but item much further down the list (11? 12?) required 7 copies. We were unsure if the 9 photos from uplist included the 7, or if the 7 were additional. We asked the folks who handle the visas and they said the 7 was included in the 9, but in that case there were only listed uses for 8 photos. So, just to be safe, we glued the 8 into their respective places, and sent another 9 along as well. So. Many. Passport. Photos. And we've since been told we'll need them for just about everything once we land, including buying mobile phones. Eeep!


Kristianna said...

You will need all those passport pictures once you are here in India. On the bright side though you can have them made and printed here all over the place for really cheap! Good luck with your preparations!
(kristiannainindia on Rav.)

Jovi said...

thanks for mentioning that, kristianna! i had heard we'd need them for everything once we're in india, but only after i'd put in our order here. luckily (?) we ended up with tons of extras, especially of my husband. we might not have any extras of the kids, though.