Friday, March 29, 2013

A million dollar loris

The kids were sitting in the living room listening to the Bare Naked Ladies classic, "If I had a Million Dollars". As the song ended Liel said thoughtfully, "If you had a million dollars you would be rich. That song is correct."

"Um, yes", said Robert, trying not laugh. 

Zion looked up from his game and said, "If I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a monkey!"

"You'd have to be in Mexico", said Liel, remembering, no doubt, how we had seen a man with a pet monkey in Mexico, and had had a discussion about how cute pet monkeys were, but how they were not legal to keep as pets in the US. 

Zion was undeterred. "OR! I'd go to Japan and buy you a slow loris! There's a guy in Japan who has one and he feeds it rice balls. And even funnier, the loris holds a fork and prods the rice balls!"

"Hmm", said his sister. "I think it's a woman who owns the loris though."

Friday nights at my house rock! 

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Joanne Young said...

I love Zion's generous spirit! However, I'm lost! What in the world is a "loris"?