Saturday, March 2, 2013

Kerala, part 2

We spent the rest of our hotel days hanging out with other Fulbrighters. There was one family in particular we were all quite fond of, and their son and Zion begged to sit together at every meal. We were happy to oblige! Here is Zion chatting up the dad and son at the first breakfast. The mama of this family, not pictured, actually has a PhD in religious studies as well. Small world!

And, because the breakfast room had really pretty columns, here's a picture of that!

Here's Zion in the pool.

And me and the kids listening to speeches before dinner one night. I can't tell you what a huge fan of kindles I am!

I know this won't come as any great surprise, but we met some really great people doing really interesting work at the conference. I feel so lucky that Robert is a part of this group, and that I got to talk to people and hear about their work!

And you know what else was cool? That the housekeeping staff arranged our stuffed animals in different ways each day.

Truck art/decoration in India is truly amazing, the trucks in Kerala are particularly gorgeous. Here's a starter pic:

You can see the names of the trucks written above their cabs. Since Kerala has a large Christian population we saw truck names there that we never see here in Bangalore! There were a lot of St. Anthonys and St. Thomases, as well as my personal favorite, Holy Mary. As Robert pointed out, St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel, but we didn't see a single truck dedicated to him while we were in Kerala.

Our cab driver pulled over so Robert could get some better pics of a truck parked on the side of the road.

Oh how I love these trucks!

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