Monday, February 11, 2008

I'm hot, sticky sweet

And I'm also engaging in a bit of wishful thinking today! LOL. Very cold out there. It was 12 degrees, not counting wind chill (and oh yes, there was wind!) this morning when I walked Zion to school. Hooray for the enclosed bike trailer that converts to a stroller for 2 kids! I actually brought the down comforter from Liel's old crib to tuck in around Liel for the walk home (you know, it gets much colder in there without the body heat of her brother!). Brrrr!

In an effort to feel more summery today, I painted my toenails. Zion wandered in as I was doing this, and asked to help. As I was on the last one that didn't work out, but as he watched me finish up he said, "Mama, boys sometimes like to have nail polish!"

"Would you like me to paint your nails?", I asked.

"Yes", he said, promptly.

"OK. Fingers or toes?"

And now my boy has lovely pink toenails, which he has pronounced, "Very pretty". I should probably take a picture for posterity....


Tamara said...

From my head (head head) down to my feet. POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME!!!! (sad part where I guess who sang it - Bon Jovi?).

I really need to address my toes and paint em purty. Makes yoga class so much more fun :D

Cookie's Mommy said...

pour some sugar on me...def leppard!!!!! i heart the old "metal" bands!!

Abby said...

Ok, I'm really bad at your game. I could sing the song in my head, but couldn't remember the I'm having a duh moment. Anyway, my mom used to paint my brother's toenails when he was little, until my dad objected. He had bright little red toes!

Wendy said...

Pour some sugar on me...Def Leppard

Just watched Balls of Fury yesterday...tons of Def Leppard songs are in that

skyeball said...

Def Leppard, "Pour Some Sugar on Me."

I've been singing it in my cubicle as quietly as possible now that it's stuck in my head!

robert said...

when def leppard wrote "pour some sugar on me" they considered the alternate song of "attach some prosthetic on me" in the hopes that some roboticist could provide them with a two-armed drummer but the technology hadn't gotten there. as a consequence, the bloodhound gang later sang the song "the drummer from def leppard's only got one arm."

Rachel Main said...

from my head to my feet yeah.
Pour some sugar on me.

Def Lepord or however you spell it.

Cookie's Mommy said...

lmfao are nuts! I always thought that was amazing that he was sucha agreat drummer with ONE arm, amazing!

the main stitch upholstery said...

pour some sugar on me def lepard!

the main stitch upholstery said...

it was 82 degrees here yesterday, it is nice again this morning so the day is looking up. today is my 17th day of working in a row. i left earlier than usual last night because it was douglas' birthday. i left at 7. i am so tired..... i am eating chicken ceaser salad (with no dressing of course) for breakfast this morning though and it is wonderful.

NedaAnn said...

Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard

I think it is cute that Zion wanted pink toes. I once painted Mike's toes the night before he left to go visit his sister in CA.

It has been really cold here too. Yesterday started off at -14* before windchill factor. I don't mind snow, winter, etc. but you can't do much with small children in frigid temps outside. Good thing we still have Valentines to make.