Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jack, get back

Let's catch up on some of my knitting, shall we?

First off, I am still alive in Hat Attack! I have no idea who even has the hat intended for me (my assassin was killed before she completed it). Out of the nearly 400 players who started the game, about 50 of us remain.

I've been knitting a fair amount for the kids this week. I've discovered that no matter how excited they are about clothing I knit them, they hardly ever want to wear it. So I decided to branch out and attempt to make them things they'd find exciting for more than an hour. The first thing I made was a string bag for Liel. It's important to note that Liel loves bags. Plus I made it extra cute with pink and white yarn and a cherry print ribbon handle!

Then I turned my attention to Zion. He's been asking me to knit him various toys for a week or two ("could you knit me a donkey, mama? how about a crab?"), so we found a pattern we mutally agreed upon on Sunday: a kiwi bird. He chose the yarn, and insisted that the bird's feet and beak be the same color as the rest of him. The result was Ki-weed, and I'm pleased to say that Zion has loved him for well over an hour!

But of course Liel wanted a kiwi bird after that, too. And if we're keeping score by things-mama-knitted-for-me it must be said that I'd given Zion a knit bag about a year ago. So on Monday I knitted a kiwi bird for Liel, too. She calls hers Seed.

I gotta say, I love the kiwi bird pattern! Super cute, fast knit, lots of fun.

My final bit of fiber and knitting related news is that I got that huge bunch of yarn I bought from someone on Ravelry on Monday. And oh my do I love it! Gorgeous colors. I'm currently attempting to knit a cropped cardigan of my own design out of some of it. So stay tuned!


the main stitch upholstery said...

love the birds! love love love them. you need to knit many and put them on bookshelves around the house to just hang out- would be so neato!

Rachel Main said...

I don't know the song, but I WANT A KIWI BIRD!!!!

Both are absolutely fabulous - not in the chain smoking, binge drinking, too much going on with the hair sort of way. Just pure fun and personality.

Cookie's Mommy said...

LOVE the bag! And the birds!! I have no idea on the song...all i have in my head is get Back by The Beatles right now, and I know that is not it! gaah!

Tamara said...

FOOTLOOSE! Ah, memories of sleepaway camp :D

LOVE the kiwi bird! And the bag for that matter :D But the bird is toooo kewt.

the main stitch upholstery said...

i jst keep thinking "get back loretta" from the elton john album singing live and it totally rocks, but i know that is not the right awnser.

Sara said...

I stink at your contest :)
But, I love the Kiwi Birds!

BirdEtt said...

Well, I don't know: the only that came to mind with "Jack" and getting somewhere was Nina Simone "Come on Back Jack".
On another note (pun), I WANT A KIWI. OMG, I love Seed. She is sooo cute. And I'm also jealous of Liel's string bag. Lucky (in Napoleon Dynamite accent).

Stacie said...

yes, I agree the birds are just too cute!!!

njt said...

Those are so cool... I know Rika has you making one for our friends, but I want one for Addy and I too!