Sunday, June 8, 2008

And sizing

We went back to Target today. Liel got an 18month size suit (she's 2 1/2, but skinny) and Robert got....wait for it.....a size SMALL. Yep. My 6'1", 200 lb husband is apparently "small". Wonders never cease (nor, apparently, does vanity sizing).

I saw a bit of this with the girlie suits, too. Tops that hooked in the back were o-u-t. Why? Cause the back strap literally hung off my back in a size medium. A small was too small in the boob, and still too big around the band. I am not tiny (I wear a 34" bra band if you're curious), just average. How do tiny people find clothes these days?? I complained to my mom this morning and she said, "Yeah...I've noticed your dad isn't a size XL anymore, but I just thought he was shrinking". Nope. The clothes are growing!


Andrea said...

Hey! For me that's a good thing!

Mary said...

The problem isn't that the clothes are growing... it is WHY the clothes are growing. PEOPLE ARE FAT! I am about to start working in a hospital. Last time I wore scrubs for school, I was a small or extra small in everything. And in "normal" clothes I haven't been an extra small since middle school!

Mud Mama said...

I hate this! I'm wearing a loose batik pant and shirt set today that is a large and yesterday I was wearing the exact same outfit made of linen and it was a size small. I hate trying on clothes and this makes shopping online impossible because I never know what will fit. Add in being a 32 E and I have to try on EVERYTHING