Sunday, June 1, 2008

My kids are built to last

Way back when Zion was a wee tyke, when we lived in Brooklyn, he learned to open the fridge door. It was summer, it was boiling hot, and he figured out that there was cool air in the fridge. I'd find him parked there rather frequently on hot afternoons. Despite the annoyance of having to constantly ask him to keep the fridge closed Robert and I were pleased with this new skill, as it indicated his ability to get food and feed himself if, G-d forbid, anything happened to us while we were in the apartment. As Robert said, "Now our kid would be a survivor!"

So here we are, nearly 3 years later. Liel has not mastered the art of opening the fridge, but she does have a brother who can, so we're still feeling good about that. And, much to my delight, as I came into the kitchen to make tea this morning, I discovered the kids playing at their play kitchen. And what were they playing? Canning. They had raided my canning jars (really just used for jam) and were filling them with their wooden play fruit, "so we'll have food for the winter", as Zion assured me.

I was so proud. Rock on with your self-sufficient, DIY attitudes!

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