Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Summer in the City

OK, I'm sure you're tired of hearing about my family's bathing suit saga by now, but I can't resist filling you in on the final installment (I hope it is, at least!). The size small was too small for Robert in the legs. He bikes a lot you see, and his legs are all muscle-y. So what fits him in the waist doesn't fit him in the legs. He tried every brand of bathing suit at Target with the same results. Then Robert had the brilliant idea of going to EMS to look and yes! It worked! It turns out, rather unsurprisingly, that sport/outdoors stores sell clothes that fit sporty outdoors types of bodies. Crisis averted.

In other news it is crazy fucking hot here. At 1045am this morning it was 98 degrees in the shade on my deck. Too hot.

Yesterday was nearly as hot and we went to the zoo. Zion's school was closed and a bunch of other parents were meeting up with the kidlets, so we joined in. The trip had been planned for a couple weeks and my kids were really looking forward to it or I probably would have bailed. Who want to tramp around the Bronx Zoo with half the kids in New York on a balmy, 97 degree June day? Oy.

But it was fun, despite the heat. We rode the Bengali Express for the first time and discovered that THAT is where the elephants live. Who knew? Hey, we've only been going there regularly for 2 years :P. In our defense it's the furthest point from the parking lot we use, and there's nothing over there the kids have much interest in, so we'd just never hiked out that way before.

Here we are on the Bengali Express. You can't really see it, but I'm wearing a lovely knit tank top I just finished. When Kerri saw me she gasped, "A sweater??" Not exactly the reaction I was hoping for ;) But it is cotton and it was actually quite cool since the knitting was a bit more open than other tops I own so the breeze could get through. What breeze there was....

The kids on the Bug Carousel.

Feeding the animals.


Stacie said...

yay on finding R a suit...and love love the pictures!!! The kids are getting so big and they are just GORGEOUS!

Abby said...

Oh I feel you pain when it comes to the heat, it's horribly hot here. Good for you taking the kids to the zoo, it looks like a lot of fun! Also...please do link your friend Ann to my blog &/or give her my e-mail if you think it would help. I need to e-mail you and fill you in, I've been meaning to for ages! Stay cool! Ha ha, I've been wanting to say that again since junior high! :)