Monday, February 2, 2009

Wait, what?! aka, the Rulebook

As I was sitting here just now a little voice in my head (oh come on, I know you have them too!) said, "Oh crap, it's February!". So then I said, "Oh crap!" too. I missed a whole contest day! So, to make up for it, I'm going to post two entries or whatever they are today. OK?

So, here's the deal for this year's February contest. We all need a little something in February, right? Up here in cold land its....cold. And will be cold for this month, and next month, too. But we are tired of the cold! I know those of you in warmer climates don't suffer this particular horror, but I love you anyway. Enter: The February Dodge a Wrench Contest! Each day I will post something for you to guess at. It could be song lyrics, a movie quote, a work of get the idea. If you know what the thing in question is, post the answer (or as much information as you can) in a comment. Please, for the love of whatever it is that you love, do not Google to find the answer. I might not be able to tell (or CAN I??), but it's bad karma, yo. Play honest.

Ideally I'd like to see song title/movie title/artwork title and artist/actor in the answer. If you only know part of the answer, go ahead and post that...I do give partial credit. At the end of the month I go through and tally up who got the most right answers and that person gets...a prize! Her choice of the hat or fingerless mitts I posted last month. If a boy happens to win (and I'm downing on boys, it's just that 95% of my loyal readers are girls), I will do something else for him- knit him a manly hat, most likely. The second place winner will get whatever the first place winner doesn't choose.

Good? Good. First entry coming up!

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