Friday, March 13, 2009

Oh weekend my weekend

First an update on Liel. I talked to one of her teachers about helping Liel learn to join other kid's games. She was very receptive and reassuring because, frankly, she's awesome. And I arranged a playdate! Kind of more with my friend (the mama) then Liel's (the son) but hey. And Liel was pleased when I told her Nicholas was coming over after school. As if that weren't enough, she was actually playing with other kids on the playground when I got to school for pickup! So, that was all pretty good. I know she'll learn. This is just a first for us cause Zion's learning to play issue was about learning to compromise- he'd rather have played by himself than change his game AT ALL. Different kids different challenges, I know :)

On Sunday we're having a birthday party for Zion. He wasn't interested in having a friend party (this was the first year we'd offered and he'd never asked) because he's really really excited about watching Star Wars on his birthday. He thought having a party might get in the way of his One True Goal, you see. But, he did want to see Aunt Giselle and Uncle Kenny so they're coming up for blueberry grunt and whatever else my big boy thinks would be tasty.

I didn't have any particular plans for tomorrow. Until my friend Julie told me about the NYC Fluevog sale. It's a one weekend sale, and they're digging out all the leftover vintage fluevogs from storage and selling them cheap. Resistance was futile. Bright and early tomorrow morning Robert and the kids and I are headed down to Manhattan for shoes, gelato and candy. Probably lunch, too. I'm meeting a knitting friend at the shoe store and we're going to see a couple other friends too.

Speaking of knitting, I'm on the 6th chart of Juno! Realllly hoping I can finish this weekend...


the main stitch upholstery said...

i had never heard of john fluvong and his shoes. they look fun and wonderful. you should post the 3 pairs you bought. i am happy that liel got to have a playdate and is zion only allowed to watch star wars on his birthday or is that just what he had on his mind?

Rachel Elizabeth said...

It sounds like she is already making progress