Monday, March 2, 2009

Contest results!

I've added it all up boys and girls, and the results for Contest 09 are in! There were a lucky 13 entries that actually had correct responses.

VAL- 9 correct (or mostly correct) answers!
BECKA- 9 correct (or mostly correct)!

We have a tie! Bec and Val, pls let me know if you prefer the mittens or hat. If you both want the same thing I'll do a random drawing :)

ROBERT - 8 correct

SKYE- 5 correct

DEIRDRE and ROBIN- 4 correct

MEL and SARA- 2 correct

STACIE and MARCIA- 1 correct

And I think that's everyone :) Thanks for playing! And be sure to tune in next year for another (hopefully more frequently updated :P) installment of Blog Contest!


Val said...

Yay! I would love the fingerless gloves, considering I am ALWAYS freezing at school and in the library. I wouldn't mind the hat either ;) But my pref would be for the gloves.


Stacie said...

well. at least I got one right. :)
congrats Val!

the main stitch upholstery said...

i want the hat, but will gladly accept the mittens with the same enthusiasm. i wear my top from last year and love it. i love your contest and i totally thought i lost hard core this year so i am excited about tieing with someone! oh, and i want to know about your tatoo plans, i am getting more done on my shoulder at the end of the month in california when i go to see amber

Deirdre said...

Well played every one ... and congrats.

But Jovi, tweren't there a few that no one got? I want the answers! Like "isn't it pretty to think so" ...