Thursday, March 5, 2009


Kids are in bed. Ah, silence.

It has been an odd week at our house, and will continue to be a bit off kilter for a few more days. On Tuesday night I went out with a friend after the kids were in bed, so R and I didn't hang out that night. On Wednesdays he teaches late so I'm always on my own with the kids- that part was normal. But again, R and I didn't get to hang out. Today R is having dinner with an old friend in Manhattan was just me and the kids again. And R and I won't get to hang out. Tomorrow it's our turn to be helping in Liel's classroom...which really means it's my turn. That's not a crack at Robert at all, but Liel would probably freak the fuck out if he went instead of me. She's in a bit of a mommy phase (tho it does seem to be letting up a bit). Soooo again we won't see each other (and classroom participation days come about once a month for us with 2 kids in the school. So not that often, yk?).

Sunday Robert is giving a talk at a church in Dutchess county, so he'll be gone a chunk of the day. And I'm pretty sure that Monday night is the monthly board meeting for the preschool. Man, I'm tired just thinking about it! And yes, I know I am a total wuss, especially compared to single parents.

Anyway. Sara, my friend Jill got the hat, sorry! Buzz me if you want to talk knitting tho, OK?

There was more. But I forget.


the main stitch upholstery said...

i am sorry that you and robert are playing see-eachother tag. mike and i see eachother all day everyday, but not at all really because it is always about work. there is no time to be alone. always, kids or work. have fun at preschool. that would wear me out. good luck.

Tamara said...

Come back and post! Entertain me! ;)