Saturday, February 28, 2009

And you may say to yourself: this is not my beautiful wife!

Man, I really fell down on the contest this year, right? Well, one more try before the month is out!

I've been majorly stressing over this whole Japan thing. And I think, think that we aren't going to go after all. It doesn't feel FUN! It feels like work and stress. So, fuck that. We can go when it's fun. In the meantime, California awaits. Just gotta figure out our housing situation there. Know anyone who wants to swap for a month in the Hudson Valley?

Speaking of the Hudson Valley- I appreciated having a proper winter this year, but I'm realllly ready for spring now. Cold is good for wearing stuff I've knit, but it's also, well, cold. My poor body wants to put on a little extra layer of fat for protection! And frankly, I think chocolate wants me too also. Why else would it be so tempting and delicious?

Finally, I'm working on a new tattoo plan. I'm excited, but I'd be over the moon if I felt really good about the artist. I want Karen in Texas to do it, but, well, she's in Texas. Talked to a guy here about it today and he seems nice enough, but the promised phone call from the appointment maker hasn't materialized. There are some artists I'd be thrilled with in Manhattan, but I'm going to need 3-4 sessions to complete this baby and I know I won't want to haul my ass down there. What's a girl to do?


Adelaide's Mom said...

I know this one....!!! Talking Heads.

Val said...

Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads.

And I'm reading for spring too. This cold weather just makes me want to eat allll the time and that's not really good for me. Sigh.

Deirdre said...

I never get here first, dang. Talking Heads ... Once In a Life Time.

It's not just haul your ass into Manhattan - it's twice the price at least! I got my second tattoo with Anil Gupta in 1990 and last year I thought I'd call him about doing some more work. It was, gosh, I forget exactly ... like a $120 deposit just to book the appointment and sit down to talk about art. Yikes!

I have two appointments (scheduled by Rob, "the appointment guy") with JR for April. Come with me! You can see their style and when they get to know you better they'll be more likely to call you back. Your instincts are right, they are bad about calling.

skyeball said...

Talking Heads! "Once in a Lifetime!"

skyeball said...

ps: My brother got his Morgan tattoo done by someone in NYC. Let me know if you want contact info and I'll get it for you. His tat is gorgeous.

the main stitch upholstery said...

talking heads. i love them. one in a lifetime.