Thursday, June 28, 2012

Minor League

This post clearly requires pictures, so I'll let you know up front that there are none. Sorry bout that. But if you don't mind an unadorned post I'll tell you about the drink I made up the other night!

We've really been enjoying the Hemingway cocktail I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. In fact we've enjoyed it so much that we drank through our bottle of maraschino. To be fair we had a little help with it, in the form of my brother, but not a lot. Anyway, earlier this week our friends were visiting and while the other drank margaritas (I cannot, for love or money, get over my aversion to tequila. Flavor aversion learning is one of the strongest types of learning, or so said my undergrad psych professor), I used the last of the maraschino for a Hemingway. But what do for my second drink??

Thinking fast I poured some gin over ice, then added unsweetened grapefruit juice and a splash of grenadine. Robert tried it, found he couldn't really taste the gin (this may be a bonus in your book) and declared it lolly water. Our friend Mina said she'd have one and said, with only mild surprise, that it was pretty good.

And that, my friends is a perfect description of this drink. It's pretty good. It won't knock your socks off, but you aren't likely to be sorry you drank it, either. Unless of course you drink too much of it, but I can't be responsible for that. At any rate, its "pretty good" status led me to name this drink the Minor League. It ain't the majors, and you won't mistake it for such, but that doesn't mean it's not worth your time.

Minor League Cocktail

1 part gin
1 part unsweetened grapefruit juice
1/6th part grenadine, or to taste

Pour over ice (crushed or whatever you've got) and enjoy!

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