Monday, June 18, 2012

Pie, baseball and family

See what I'm doing? I'm combining all kinds of things that've been on my mind and in my posts lately. But they really did converge most pleasingly this evening.

First of all, Robert and Zion played catch after dinner. It was Zion's first time playing baseball catch (he's been playing catch with a football since he was 2 or 3), and at first he wasn't very good at it. I was cheering when his glove touched a ball, you know? But after 20 minutes are so he was catching more and more of them, and he and Robert were just tossing the ball back and forth and we were all chatting and it was awesome. And then I looked over and Liel was busily emptying one of the pots on the deck of dirt. But she put it back when I asked her to, so that was OK too.

Then I used the leftovers of yesterday's pie and made pie milkshakes and they were, if possible, even more delicious. In fact, they were so delicious that I announced my intentions to email my sister-in-law and tell her about them, in case she wanted to meet us at her apartment this weekend for some blueberry pie milkshake (otherwise she's just getting plain blueberry pie).

"You know", Zion said, "the great thing about family is, someone can not be in your family and then someone who IS in your family can marry that, a boy in your family can marry a girl..."

"Or a boy", Robert and I said.

"Or a boy could marry a girl", Zion continued.

"Or a boy could marry another boy", we said. "Or a girl could marry another girl."

"Yes", Zion said, "It doesn't really matter. But someone who isn't in your family can BECOME part of your family. And that's a nice thing about family".

And it is.

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Jenny said...

I love you guys! Please give Zion a hug for me. I can't wait to see all of you.