Thursday, June 21, 2012

See how they grow...

A month ago I posted about my garden, complete with picture of my seedlings in pots, and the baby plants I'd just transfered to the garden. There were some peas, some bush beans and a lone zucchini plant.

Here are those plants today.

The beans are even covered in tiny, well, beans! They're totally adorable, about the size of toothpicks.

Only two tomato plants sprouted in my first attempt this year (both Isis Candy Shop) so I planted a whole whack of them the second time. Now I have about 18 tomato plants (some are in a different plot in the front of our house). I just couldn't bear to toss any of them! I figure if they all produce I'll can and freeze and give a lot away.

As you can see, these guys still have some growing to do. The zucchini, beans, and peas have a 2 week head start on them.

And here we have my cucumber plants (in back), which are already flowering under their leaves! In front are two more zucchini plants, about 3 weeks younger than the big one. Not pictured are two butternut squash plants, the tomatoes and zucchini and beans in the front yard plot, and my pathetically stunted watermelon plant. I'm not sure what that plant wants, but I'm obviously not providing it. Oh, just yesterday I put in a Jenny Lind melon seedling too! Let's hope we actually get some of the melons, instead of donating them all to the local squirrel population.

So, there's the garden update! Robert bought some praying mantis egg sacs a couple weeks ago, and they hatched out hundreds of little mantises a few days back. He released most of those into the garden (Liel and I even saw one of them perched on the big zucchini this morning), and is attempting to raise the rest in our bug hatchery. Hopefully they will help keep our garden healthy!

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