Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pie Milkshake

A while back someone (probably Pete) told me about a diner in Iowa City that served a pie milkshake.  Since I love all things pie, I was intrigued by this idea. But since I love all things pie I only rarely adorn my pie with anything at all, and turning pie into a milkshake remained firmly in the realm of imaginary cool.

And then a couple weeks ago when discussing Father's Day plans with Robert I mentioned the pie milkshake, and Robert was way more excited than I had been since he probably loves milkshakes even more than pie. So I told him I'd make him a pie milkshake for Father's Day.

Since blueberries are in season I decided it should be a blueberry pie milkshake. And since the best blueberry pie is the kind I made for Kenny (and blogged about) back in 2009, that's the kind I made this morning. 2/3's of the blueberries are left raw, while the remaining ones are cooked with sugar and cornstarch into a thick jam. Then they're all tossed together, poured into a pre-baked crust, and left to cool and set. It's seriously amazing and any fan of pie or summer fruit should go make one tomorrow.

(Side note: I'm tinkering with my GF pie crust recipe. I'm pretty pleased with the one I made today, but I'll post an updated recipe when I'm *really* pleased.)

So, here we have the pie, with Liel's bat, Count Fabulous, looking on in approval.

Here is a slice of that pie in the blender, along with vanilla ice cream.

Add milk...

And you'll have one super happy husband! And an excellent way of saying "thank you" to that super happy awesome husband for being an amazing dad. 

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