Sunday, January 20, 2013

Baby, it's cold out there!

I'm a little hesitant to write this post, because as a southern Californian I know all about what it's like when people from colder climates scoff at your wimpy weather disposition. But I can't help it; I've never seen anything quite like the Bangalorean response to "cold"!

The weather in Bangalore is generally excellent. It's said to have some of the best weather in all of India, and is known as "India's air conditioner" because it is said that even in the summer it cools off enough at night that people here have to sleep with a blanket. I'm somewhat skeptical of this, but I'll report back in April and let you know!

Anyway, the weather while we've been here has been gorgeous. There have been a few slightly cooler days, it's true, but they were still warm enough that I, the consummate southern California girl, was comfortable in jeans, a t-shirt, and sandals. However, it's abundantly clear that even my definition of cold does not match that of Bangalore!

For instance, on the cooler days we see babies and toddlers bundled up in balaclavas, like this one that we saw having lunch at Prakruthi the other day.

The temperature that day was 80 degrees. We also saw several adults in earmuffs, though we were sadly unable to get a picture of that.

Today was another cool day, at 77 degrees, and apparently a temperature that low means bringing out the big guns. Prakruthi had placed several space heaters around the service stations to ensure that their staff were kept warm while they worked.

Another coolish day we saw an old man who had a scarf wrapped around his head and looked like he might be a sadhu (not because of the scarf of course, as that was presumably there to ward off the chill). "Namaste", he said, inclining his head at us.

Then his eyes fell on Liel and he smiled and reached out and touched her head. "Namaste, baby", he said, bending over her slightly and smiling even more. "Namaste baby!"


Pusstat said...

Very sweet.

Kristofer Young said...

I love the, "Namaste, baby."

And you KNOW its cold when they're wrapping toddlers in baklava! Heavy Greek influence?

Joanne Young said...

I love the "Nameaste baby" too! How beautiful!
I chuckled at the "cold" that the locals are experiencing! The photo was especially amazing.

scopesettic said...

I distinctly remember NOT needing a blanket in Bangalore in April! I wish I had seen the earmuffs, though :)