Friday, January 4, 2013


My rice cooker is my least in my Bangalore kitchen! So I decided that he needed a name, and that that name was Raj.

I've used Raj to cook rice, of course, but also to boil water for tea, cook stew, make 8 different types of dal, and bake apples.

Yes, bake apples. In a rice cooker.

I noticed that most of the fruit sellers in our neighborhood have a lot of apples for sale right now. At first I eschewed the apples, assuming that they were imports. I still think a number of them probably are, but I've learned that India does have apple growing regions, and so I bought some local(ish) apples a few days ago. My original plan had been to make applesauce from them, but then it occurred to me that baked apples, with their quantities of butter and sugar, were even tastier. So I fired Raj up and did a trial run!

First I cored as many apples as I could fit into Raj. He's rather petite, so it wasn't too many. Luckily I had some really tiny apples in my batch, so I could fill in the spaces pretty well.

Then I made a paste of butter, sugar, and cinnamon and put some into each apple.

I added a little water to the bottom, and let them cook for about 30-40 minutes.


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