Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Rather inexplicably, my post that includes the recipe for rice cooker colcannon is the most popular blog post I've written in months, or possibly ever. While that still makes it supremely un-popular by any big blog standards, it has has more than four times the page views of my other posts! Either there are (were?) a lot of people out there wanting to make colcannon in their rice cookers or, um, well, honestly I can't imagine why anyone would read that post otherwise! I mean, really.

Anyway, a few days ago I made colcannon for dinner for the entire family. And while Robert didn't love it, he didn't hate it either (yes, I'm totally overlooking the fact that Robert will eat just about anything with little to no complaint. Shhhhh). After dinner I teased him about being the only part-Irish guy who hates potatoes, and the kids wanted to know why that was funny. So we explained about the Irish and potatoes, and one of the kids asked how that applied to Robert.

"Well", said Robert, "My grandfather was Irish. So I'm part Irish, and so are you guys".

"Oh", said Zion, and then he went back to whatever he was doing.

But Liel?

"So what?!?!", she said crossly. "Why does it matter that we're part Irish? I don't care."

"Um, OK", I said. "But you don't have to be angry about it! It's just a fact."

"Besides, some people think that it is important", Robert said. "Some people are very proud of being Irish."

"Well I don't!", said Liel, scowling. "To me that's as important as skin color is to a bat!"

The mind of a child. Who can fathom it?


Jo said...

LOL! I adore what I take is the general meaning of her comment!

Kristofer Young said...

I must be part bat, cuz I agree with Liel!