Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Snack lunch and a green shawl

Happy New Years! I hope your New Years Eve was all that you hoped, and that 2013 is beautiful for all of us.

The Center for Contemporary Studies hosted a New Years "snack lunch" today. We weren't sure what that meant, but guessed it was probably a light lunch, which proved to be correct. There were two cakes, a kind of sweet that is apparently famous in Karnataka (but which I did not catch the name of), pongal (a kind of savory rice porridge), samosas, a few chutneys and a salad. I was really sad we couldn't eat the salad! We're a month in and salad is pretty much at the top of my "foods I miss" list. But I digress.

I got to meet a lot of people at the Center, and everyone was so incredibly kind and friendly! There were even a couple of other kids there-- a 14 year old boy and an 8 year old girl. They came into Robert's office while Zion and Liel were in there taking turns spinning on the chair. Liel hid under the desk and wouldn't come out until Zion came to tell me about it and I came in. At that point she'd been under there a while; Zion told me the kids had come in twice and one of their mothers had come to take pictures. Nice. So Liel and I had a talk about how her shyness (which is almost exclusively an excuse at this point) does not extend to being rude or making other people feel badly. I was totally mortified to think that she HID when other kids came in! That kind of behavior is one thing for a 2 or 3 year old, but something else entirely at her age. At any rate, she came out and we went and she introduced herself to the other girl. They didn't end up playing together, but the girl and Zion raced around the library for a bit, trying not to be seen. Zion said this was difficult because he was wearing a blue shirt and the girl had on an orange dress and orange bangles so they were both bright and loud. Who they were trying not be seen by remained an open question, but I hadn't seen them at it so I was able to tell them they'd been successful.

And on this New Years Day I got to wear the emerald green shawl I completed a couple of days ago. I adore this color so, so much. Sadly, I don't think I can ever get more! Wollmeise calls experimental shades, or shades that are accidents "guinea pigs" and this skein was a guinea pig green. It makes me very happy...and calm. Even winding this yarn was a joy, and to be honest, yarn winding isn't usually my favorite. But I was happy just to watch this color pass through my hands as I wound it into a ball.

This first picture shows the pattern best, but the other show the color better :)


catmum said...

It's beautiful, Jovi!

Kristofer Young said...

You and the shawl look great!

How wonderful that you are aware of how colors feel to you!

Love, D

Melany said...

Love the shawl!