Thursday, January 31, 2013

Happy day!

I am having a banner day today!

When I woke up I had emails from several friends, including, rather coincidentally, one that I had dreamed about the night before.

Also, I am doing no cooking or laundry today. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cooking, even with my limited tools/cooking options in our apartment here, but still. An all day break is delightful! We won't discuss the laundry, which is never enjoyable (though the clean clothes/sheets/towels certainly are).

So the kids and I met Robert and a friend for lunch, which was delicious. We also saw the kids' favorite stray dog while we wereout, and, even more thrillingly, got mail! There was a stuffed bat from Bat Conservation International for Liel (she donated some of her Hanukkah money to them), and a package of DVDs for the kids from a friend of mine in Ohio. And she sent me a surprise skein of yarn, too! Really, the mail was full of win. As soon as we got home from lunch the kids watched one of their new movies, and I knitted on a sweater sleeve.

The sweater sleeve doesn't exactly count as what's awesome about today, but last night I finished the first sleeve on this cardigan and I'm quite pleased with the cuff design I chose. So I'm still glowing with that triumph as well.

Now the kids and I are about to have tea, and in a couple of hours Robert will come home with dosa. Our current dosa dinner order contains the following: plain dosa, onion dosa, set dosa, and masala dosa.   Oh wait, I am doing a little cooking today after all- just making some gingered green beans to go along with our pile of dosa. But it's so little I can hardly count that, plus the kids will want to help me prep the green beans, which is both helpful and cute. So more win!

Plus, a few weeks ago I downloaded the complete collection of Sherlock Holmes for my kindle, and have been slowing working my way through them. Robert and I are both huge fans of the BBC series Sherlock, and it had been years since I'd read any of the originals-- plus they were free. I'm really enjoying them! I like seeing how the ones that have been turned into TV episodes have been changed and modernized (I had no idea that A Study in Scarlet was full of anti-Mormon sentiment!), and it's fun to read ones I don't remember, or never read as well. I am perpetually amused by the casual way Holmes' cocaine use is narrated. It's rather shocking to the modern reader! My favorite bit so far is when, at the end of The Sign of the Four, Watson remarks that he has got a wife out of the case, and the police inspector got the acclaim. What remains for Holmes, he asks?

"'For me," said Sherlock Holmes, "there still remains the cocaine-bottle." And he stretched his long white hand up for it."

Anyway, with a little luck we'll be heading to a temple we've never visited tomorrow, so stay tuned :)


Kristofer Young said...

I get the banner day thing! :)

For me it is a banner day because for once I can read the captcha numbers here on your blog with out squinting and making a wild guess. (It is not me, the numbers are bigger and clearer.)

Additionally want you to know the visual sacrifices that I have made to be a part of the conversation on your awesome, history-making blog. But shed not a tear, for it is the job of a real father.
Love, D

Kristofer Young said...

Oh yeah, Sweets, if I secretly slip the URL of my website into your blog, won't the give me some SEO points?