Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cloth, unformed

Today we did a bit more shopping. We went back to the stainless steel shop, because it turns out that once just wasn't enough. And in fact I wish I'd more already, so if I get the chance I'll be back for a "third time's the charm" trip! The people in the shop are super nice too, asking the kids what grade they're in, where we're from, if we like living in Bangalore, if we like Indian food, etc.

Since a couple of the things we bought are for us, and not gifts, I can tell you about them. We bought thali platters, like these:

Just a wide, shallow platter. Normally around here these come with a bunch of rice, some papad, and various curries, rasams and sambars in small dishes. I figured we could use them that way, and also use them when we have "movie night", aka when we eat in front of the TV. So much less spilling when you're eating off a thali!

We also bought some South Indian coffee tumblers + dishes (not sure what those dishes are called!).

These are great for hot drinks, especially for the kids, who can pour a bit of their drink into the dish so that it cools very quickly. I suppose, while I'm on the subject, I should mention that both children have developed a taste for coffee since we've been living here. They only get a sip/spoonful but they sure do enjoy it!

Then we went to a cloth center. Oh. My. I could've spent hours there! So much beautiful cloth on bolts,  each richly colored and full of potential. I need to learn to sew much, much better. And then I need to come back to India! Or, alternately, I could buy a shit-ton of cloth now, bring it home, and use in the hopefully inevitable someday when I can actually sew properly.

Luckily for Robert and Zion, there were chairs for waiting.

Seriously, look at this place! and that's only about 1/6 of one floor.

Here I am, grinning like a damn fool. Just thinking about this place makes me beam!

I bought some (cough) cloth, and delivered it to the tailor shop on campus, to be turned into kurtas, salwars, and churidars. The madam said she'd have them done for me on the 26th, so stay tuned! I'm actually going back to her tomorrow with a couple of kurtas that I already own to try to discuss fit. I want totally sleeveless kurtas, and I'd like the arm holes slightly deeper than standard Indian fit. I also need to explain how long I want them! This all seems a bit daunting for our combined language skills, so I might bring Tiju along to help me out. I mentioned this to him today and he said that it was fun for him, because he never goes to tailoring shops otherwise. Have I mentioned how crazy busy Tiju is?? And yet he so kindly and cheerfully agrees to come along and help with my little troubles. We are so lucky to have him as a friend!

We only found this out when we got back home, but while we were in Malleswaram today a bomb went off there. Thankfully no one was killed, but 16 people were injured. This is by far the closest I've ever been to such a violent act, and it is rather sobering. Amazing how much of our lives are shaped by luck, and grace. 

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Joanne Young said...

You look terrific! Healthy and happy.
India must agree with you.:)
Wow, that fabric shop is beautiful! I would have a hard time leaving...
Tuji is a special person! Glad he is your friend.
As I said in my text to you, we are so grateful that the bomb didn't affect all of you.