Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We have just over a week left here in Bangalore, so now almost everything is a last. I probably won't catalogue all of them, but since the lasts are just starting they're seeming kinda new and fresh so I'll try my hand at it for a while.

Today I got my last grocery delivery from BigBasket. Now that I've used this company for months I can give my final, updated verdict: they are excellent. If you live in India (or are visiting India and need groceries delivered), and are in a city where they operate, give them a shot. The few times I've been disappointed with the quality of something I bought from them they've fixed it right up. Good stuff.

Now, despite the fact that I ought to have a fully stocked kitchen, my dinner options continue to suck. Mostly it's that we're all pretty tired of the 3-4 things I can reliably get ingredients for and cook in the rice cooker. It's a bit after 5pm right now, and I'm staring down the barrel of dinner prep...and thinking I'll be sauteeing some veggies and then adding a "ready to eat" curry and some rice. Which will excite no one, but on the upside, it won't require a 2 mile round trip walk + the application of bug spray. I'm mostly coming down on the side of pre-packaged curry being the better option, but meh. Not thrilled. Maybe I'll smash a coconut to go with it. Or gorge myself on Mysore Pak afterwards. Mmmm. Mysore Pak.

Oh, here's another bit of news from my day! The coffee guy asked me what my necklace was. I was surprised he was asking (it's fairly obvious), but I said, "Ganesha!" and he laughed with delight. Tiju thinks that he didn't expect me to know Ganesha and was pleased (and surprised) that I did.